Acer pictum Thunb.

(Sect. Platanoidea)

Common names

Painted Maple


A. mono Maxim.

Article sources

New Trees

This relatively well-known species was described by Bean (B211, S47) and Krüssmann (K82) under the name Acer mono. After considerable debate as to the nomenclature of this taxon, Ohashi (1993b) demonstrated that A. pictum is the correct name, and he recognised 11 subspecies with numerous forms. The following two taxa appear to be distinct and have been recently introduced, but it is possible that others of Ohashi’s rather poorly differentiated subspecies are present in cultivation.

Acer pictum subsp. okamotoanum dominates in this woodland on the Korean island of Ullung-do, where it is endemic. Image T. Kirkham.

Broad leaves with long-tipped lobes are characteristic of Acer pictum subsp. okamotoanum. Image R. Hitchin.



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