Berberis dictyoneura Schneid.

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A deciduous shrub to 5 ft high; young shoots green and glabrous, becoming grey and slightly warted. Spines three-parted, up to 45 in. long. Leaves to 112 in. long, obovate, rounded at the apex, tapered at the base to a short stalk, prominently net-veined, dull grey-green above, yellow-green below, edged with numerous spiny teeth. Flowers up to 25 in. across, borne six to fourteen together in a short raceme or more or less clustered. Berries usually egg-shaped, pink, 13 in. long, with one or two seeds.

Native of China, introduced by Wilson in 1910 from the Min valley in W. Szechwan, under his No. 4633.



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