Cassinia leptophylla (Forst. f.) R. Br.


Calea leptophylla Forst. f.

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An evergreen, heath-like shrub 4 ft or more high, with erect, slender branchlets, not viscid, but clothed with a dense greyish down. Leaves 18 to 1/6 in. long, 120 to 116 in. wide, linear, or slightly wider towards the end; glabrous, dark green above, covered beneath with white or yellowish down. Flower-heads white, very small and numerous, forming terminal corymbs 1 to 2 in. across. Blossoms in August and September.

Native of New Zealand; very similar to C. fulvida, but the leaves paler beneath. The whole plant has a whiter cast. It differs also in having the disk (or receptacle) on which the florets are borne furnished with numerous scales; nor is it quite so hardy.



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