Cassiope hypnoides (L.) D. Don


Andromeda hypnoides L.; Harrimanella hypnoides (L.) Cov.

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A tiny evergreen, heather-like shrub from 1 to 3 in. high, with prostrate, slender stems completely covered with closely set leaves. Leaves 18 in. long, linear, overlapping, somewhat erect, but not flattened against the stem. Flowers solitary on slender, erect, reddish stalks 13 to 34 in. long, produced at the end of the shoot; corolla nodding, white, bell-shaped, 1/6 in. long, with five rather deep, rounded lobes; calyx red. Blossoms in April and May. Bot. Mag., t. 2936.

Native of the Arctic and sub-Arctic parts of Europe and N. America, and of the mountain-tops of more southern latitudes; introduced in 1798.



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