Ceanothus ovatus Desf.

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A deciduous shrub 2 to 3 ft high, with viscid, slightly downy young stems. Leaves alternate, narrow oval, 1 to 212 in. long, 12 to 1 in. wide, bluntish or pointed at the apex, tapered or rounded at the base; glabrous and glossy, or slightly hairy beneath; stalk slender, 1/6 to 14 in. long. Flowers white, produced in short-stalked, rounded clusters, the whole forming a loose panicle.

Native of S.E. and Central United States. It differs from C. americanus by its smoother, differently shaped leaves, never heart-shaped at the base, and shorter-stalked flower clusters. It flowers from June onwards, but the true plant is not common in gardens.

var. pubescens (Torr. & Gr.) S. Wats. – This variety is similar to the type in habit, but the young shoots and the under-surface of the leaves are permanently downy.



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