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Trees and Shrubs Online is a project to create a truly modern reference to temperate trees and shrubs. Currently there are articles for some 730 genera and 4,500 species, with each species article describing many subspecies, forms and cultivars. New material is being writen and old material rewritten. The first genus to have gone through this process was Stewartia, which stands as an example of what is to come.

The sources

Currently, the bulk of the text is derived from two sources: New Trees by John Grimshaw and Ross Bayton, commissioned by the International Dendrology Society and published by Kew Publishing in 2009, and W J Bean’s Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles, first published in 1914. The 'Bean' text is from the Eighth Edition, the last to be published, which appeared in four volumes during the 1970s, along with the Supplement by Desmond Clarke, published in 1988.


The International Dendrology Society is dedicated to promoting the knowledge of trees and shrubs and is pleased to be able to stand behind this important project. The IDS is raising funds to cover further development of this site. If you might be interested in sponsoring a genus or supporting the project in any other way, please do contact the editors at the email address below.


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