Abelia engleriana (Graebn.) Rehd.

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Article from Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles



  • Linnaea engleriana Graebn.


(pl. apices) Tip. apical At the apex.
The inner whorl of the perianth. Composed of free or united petals often showy.
Lacking hairs smooth. glabrescent Becoming hairless.
Lance-shaped; broadest in middle tapering to point.
midveinCentral and principal vein in a leaf.


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Article from Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles

A deciduous shrub of bushy habit, 3 to 6 ft high, with brown, minutely downy young bark, afterwards glabrous and shining, ultimately peeling. Leaves oval-lanceolate, tapered at both ends, but more slenderly at the apex; 34 to 112 in. long, 13 to 58 in. wide; bright green and glabrous above, paler and glossy beneath, with scattered hairs on the midrib and veins; margins bristly-hairy; stalk 18 in. or less long. Flowers borne usually in pairs from the end of short lateral twigs; sepals two, narrowly oval, 13 in. long, minutely ciliated; corolla 58 in. long, funnel-shaped, curved, minutely downy outside, rose-coloured. Stamens shorter than the corolla. Flowers from June onwards.

Native of Szechwan, China; originally discovered by Henry about 1888; introduced to cultivation twenty years later by Wilson when collecting for Harvard University. Flowered at Kew in 1911.


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