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var. brevifolia (Henry) Rehd.

A. webbiana var. brevifolia Henry

A very distinct variety with grey branchlets, less prominently furrowed than in the type. Leaves much shorter, to 1{1/4} in. long, greyish beneath with two inconspicuous stomatic bands. It was described from a cultivated tree, raised from Himalayan seed in 1879. It is matched by wild specimens collected in the western Himalaya and may be the form assumed by A. spectabilis in that part of its range. The trees showing the characters of this variety are less spring-tender than the type and have reached a greater height in cultivation. Those recorded are: Taymouth Castle, Perths., c. 105 × 9{1/4} ft (1962); Tregrehan, Cornwall, 100 × 6{1/2} ft (1957); Dupplin Castle, Perths., 91 × 7{1/2} ft (1957); Castle Leod, Ross, 85 × 8{1/4} ft (1966).


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