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A spinosa L Hercules' Club

A native of the south-eastern United States, and very similar to A. elata. These two afford one of many instances of an extraordinary similarity between a plant native of N. America and another of N. Asia, which are yet not absolutely identical. In this case A. spinosa is distinguished by the leaflets being more glaucous beneath and much less downy, sometimes quite glabrous beneath, and by their being more distinctly stalked. The stems, too, are better armed with prickles. This American species is not so hardy and vigorous as the Asiatic one, and the two seen in juxtaposition are quite distinct. It is extremely rare in cultivation, but is represented in the Kew collection.Although these species make finer foliage when grown in rich than in comparatively poor soil, the latter is, I think, to be preferred if healthy, long-lived plants are desired. In rich soil the wood, always soft and very pithy, becomes especially so, and renders the plants very liable to injury by winter cold.


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