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Leaflets irregularly margined, sometimes more than half covered, with creamy white; also known as albo-marginata. This form, and ‘Aureo-variegata’, are amongst the most effective and beautiful of all variegated shrubs. Both are increased by grafting on to the common form, but owing to their sparse production of suitable propagating material both remain rare and expensive.The plant grown as A. chinensis var. mandshurica (Maxim.) Rehd. is now considered to belong to A. elata and to be not even varietally distinct from that species. It was probably introduced from Manchuria by Maximowicz around 1860-5, and is said to be hardier than the introduction from Japan.A. elata was long grown in gardens as A. chinensis L., and not altogether wrongly so, for the two species are very closely allied, and if they were to be merged it would be under the latter name, which is by far the older.


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