Arundinaria variegata (Miq.) Makino

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Article from Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles



  • Pleioblastus variegatus (Miq.) Nakai
  • Bambusa variegata Miq.
  • Arundinaria fortunei Rivière
  • Sasa variegata (Miq.) E. G. Camus


midveinCentral and principal vein in a leaf.


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Article from Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles

Stems up to 312 ft high, very slender, the strongest only 18 in. diameter, the pipe up the centre very small; joints 1 to 6 in. apart; stem-sheaths persistent, hairy at the base. Leaves 2 to 712 in. long, 14 to 1 in. wide, rounded at the base, dark green copiously striped lengthwise with creamy white – sometimes it would be more correct to say ‘white striped with green’; hairy on both surfaces, especially beneath; both margins toothed; leaf-sheaths hairy when young; secondary nerves three to five both sides the midrib.

Native of Japan; cultivated by Van Houtte of Ghent before 1863. This is the prettiest white variegated hardy bamboo we have, giving a very bright effect from late summer up to Christmas. It is of tufted habit, but spreads rapidly, and is easily increased by division. It has not yet flowered in cultivation.


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