Myricaria germanica Desv.

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Article from Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles


Other species in genus


    Angle between the upper side of a leaf and the stem.
    Reduced leaf often subtending flower or inflorescence.
    Lacking hairs smooth. glabrescent Becoming hairless.
    Grey-blue often from superficial layer of wax (bloom).


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    Article from Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles

    A deciduous shrub 6 to 8 ft high, glaucous grey, and of rather gaunt habit. Branches erect, plume-like, clothed with flat round-pointed, linear leaves, from 116 to 316 in. long, glabrous and dotted with glands. Flowers densely set in slender racemes 3 to 8 in. long, which terminate the branchlets all over the top of the shrub; each flower is about 14 in. long, produced in the axil of a bract longer than itself; petals five, narrow, pink or pinkish white. Stamens ten; seeds feathery.

    Native of Europe, Himalaya, Afghanistan, etc.; cultivated in England since 1582. It inhabits river banks, mountain streams, and other sandy, occasionally inundated places, where it often fills the ground over long distances. It is easily propagated by cuttings made of stout wood of the current year placed in sandy soil in the open ground in October. It flowers from May to August.


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