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var. sachalinense F. Schmidt

P. sachalinense (F. Schmidt) Sarg

This variety differs from typical P. amurense in its non-corky bark. Also the leaflets are not ciliate, or scarcely so, and the inflorescence is almost glabrous. Other differences noted by Sargent from the trees in the Arnold Arboretum are that the leaflets are dull above, and that the winter-buds are covered with a rusty down (silky in typical P. amurense).Native of Japan, Sakhalin, and Korea; introduced from Japan to the Arnold Arboretum, USA, in 1877. A tree at Kew, received from the Arnold Arboretum in 1904, is probably a seedling from one of the originals there, and possibly a hybrid. It grows near the Victoria Gate and measures 43 × 5 ft (1965).


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