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P 'Splendens'

A hybrid of uncertain parentage, possibly deriving from P. inodorus var. grandiflorus crossed with P. lewisii var. gordonianus. Although little known in this country, it is valued in the USA, where it originated, as it makes an excellent specimen about 8 ft high, of rounded habit, branched to the ground. The flowers are white, single, faintly fragrant, flat, with rounded petals, about 1{1/2} in. across, borne in clusters of five or sometimes more. Calyx glabrous. Leaves resembling those of the first putative parent. (Hu, Journ. Arn. Arb., Vol. 37, p. 57; Wyman, Shrubs and Vines for American Gardens (1969), pp. 326-7, with fig.)


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