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var. grandiflorus (Willd.) A.Gr.

P. grandiflorus Willd.
P. speciosus Schrad

Leaves sharply toothed, usually with tufts of hairs in the vein-axils and bristles along the main veins. As in all forms of P. inodorus the flowers are white and scentless; they are solitary or in threes, but occasionally the two lateral flowers are replaced by cymes of three or four flowers each. The flowers are cup-shaped when first expanded and occasionally (in f. quadrangulatus Hu) they have four distinct corners (a feature also of the Lemoine hybrid ‘Belle √Čtoile’). This variety was introduced in 1811 and has usually been known as P. grandiflorus, but some of the plants grown under that name are really P. pubescens (q.v.).


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