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Leaves variously patterned with white flushed pink; some are marbled, other broadly margined with it, a few more white than green. But many leaves are wholly green, especially on the spurs, the variegation being best developed in summer on the long shoots. Hard pruning encourages the production of long shoots but perhaps also makes the tree more vulnerable to attacks of canker unless the cuts are sealed with a proprietary dressing. ‘Aurora’ was put into commerce in the 1920s by Messrs Treseder of Truro, who obtained their stock from a garden in north Devon. It was originally distributed as P. candicans variegata and received its present name in 1954; the Award of Merit was given to it in the same year.There is also a yellow-variegated form of P. candicans in cultivation, which received an Award of Merit in 1898, as “P. ontariensis variegata”. There are plants in the Forestry Commission collection at Alice Holt, heavily infected with canker.


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