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var. ansu Maxim.

P. ansu (Maxim.) Komar.
Armeniaca ansu (Maxim.) Kostina

Leaves broad-ovate or orbicular-ovate, about 3 in. long, slightly less wide, broadly rounded to almost truncate at the base. Flowers usually twinned, very shortly stalked. Stone of fruit slightly roughened. A cultivated race of the more oceanic parts of E. Asia. In this country it is subject to brown rot and not very free-flowering.In 1934, an Award of Merit was given to an apricot shown by Collingwood Ingram as P. mume grandiflora, the name under which the plant was received from an Italian nursery. However, he later pointed out that it really agreed better with P. armeniaca var. ansu. The flowers are of a bright rose, double (Journ. R.H.S., Vol. 71, p. 36).


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