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P 'Kursar'

A hybrid raised by Collingwood Ingram from seed of P. nipponica var. kurilensis. It is one of the finest of the early cherries, bearing flowers of a remarkably vivid shade of pink in March, before the leaves; calyx and filaments of stamens dark red; pedicels hairy. It makes a vigorous fairly erect tree and colours orange in the autumn. A.M. 1952.The name ‘Kursar’ was given by Capt. Ingram in the belief that the pollen- parent was P. sargentii. He now thinks there must have been an accidental exchange of labels, and that the pollen really came from P. campanulata, which he had crossed with P. nipponica var. kurilensis at the same time. He points out that P. sargentii is unlikely to have yielded a hybrid with flowers of such a deep pink (A Garden of Memories, pp. 181-2).


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