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var. oxyadenia (Torr.) J.T. Howell

This variety differs from typical Q. agrifolia in that persistent stellate pubescence forms a felt-like covering on the branchlets, petioles and lower leaf surfaces. Var. agrifolia is entirely glabrous. Howell 1931. Distribution MEXICO: Baja California; USA: southern California. Habitat High valleys and canyon floors at about 1400 m asl. USDA Hardiness Zone 8. Conservation status Least Concern. Illustration NT698. Taxonomic note Valencia-A. (2004) does not distinguish var. oxyadenia.

This taxon was introduced to the United Kingdom by Warner and Howick (WAHO 345) from a collection made in San Diego Co., California in 1986. At Kew a specimen from this gathering has made a fine tree of c.10 m, with numerous vertical branches, forming a dense canopy that extends to the ground. This was fruiting freely in November 2005.


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