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R iteophyllum Hutch.

R. formosum var. salicifolium C. B. Cl

This is closely allied to R. formosum but very distinct in appearance, owing to its willow­like leaves, which are linear or linear-oblanceolate and 2 to 3{5/8} in. long and up to {5/8} in. wide. Usually they are not or only slightly ciliate at the margins. The corolla may be downy on the outside near the base (as in R. formosum) or glabrous. Bot. Mag., n.s., t. 563.This species was discovered by J. D. Hooker and T. Thomson during their visit to the Khasi Hills in 1850, and was introduced by Thomas Lobb, the Veitchian collector. It is cultivated outdoors in the mildest parts of the country.


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