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subsp. irroratum

R. ninguenense Hand.-Mazz.

Ovary and calyx stalked-glandular, not tomentose.

Distribution China (W & C Yunnan, SW Sichuan, Guizhou).

Habitat 2,500-3,350m.

Awards AM 1957 (Col Lord Digby, Minterne); flowers white, faintly tinged pink. AM 1957 (E. de Rothschild, Exbury) to a clone ‘Polka Dot’; flowers white, heavily spotted deep purple, suffused pink.

Taxonomic note (?incl. R. ningyuenense Hand.-Mazz.)

R. ningyuenense is said to differ from subsp. irroratum in its more hairy leaf stalks and in the more open, unspotted corollas. Plants under that name have been introduced into cultivation recently; this should allow its status to be checked.


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