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R tsariense Cowan

Leaves smaller than in R. lanatum, 1 to 2{1/2} in. long, {3/8} to 1{1/4} in. wide, rounded or slightly cordate at the base, very shordy stalked. Flowers pink, cream-coloured, or white, often spotted with pink. Discovered by Ludlow and Sherriff in the Tsari region of the Tibetan Himalaya in 1936 and introduced by them. According to the collectors’ field notes the species varies in habit and may grow 12 ft high. Their seed-number 2766 was from plants 2 to 5 ft high, and an example at Edinburgh from this sending was only 2 ft high in 1960, when almost a quarter-century old. In 1964 an Award of Merit was given to clone ‘Yum-Yum’ with white flowers flushed with pink, exhibited by Maj. Gen. and Mrs Harrison, Tremeer, Cornwall, on April 7. The original plant, then about 4 ft high and as much across, was raised from Ludlow and Sherriff 2858, collected 1936; according to the field note, the parent plants were 8 to 10 ft high.R. tsariense, in its dwarf forms, would be worth planting even if it never flowered. It makes a rugged, compact specimen, and the leaves, powdered with brown above all through the summer, become glabrous and rich olive-green in winter.


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