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R uniflorum Hutch. & Ward

This species was described in 1930 from specimens collected by Kingdon Ward on the Doshong La, S.E. Tibet, at the end of June 1924 (KW 5876). He collected seeds in the following autumn. R. uniflorum is so like R. pemakoense that Cowan and Davidian were able to find only one difference that might be relied on, namely that in R. uniflorum the scales on the undersides of the leaves are more widely spaced, being three to six times their own diameter apart. If the two were united it would have to be under the name R. uniflorum, which has a few months’ priority, but they decided to retain R. pemakoense as a separate species provisionally. It should be added that the type-localities of the two species are not much more than 10 miles apart as the crow flies.


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