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var. oreonastes (Balf.f. & Forrest) Davidian

R. recurvum var. oreonastes Balf. f. & Forr

Leaves linear, 8-15× as long as broad; ovary and pedicels glandular. Royal Horticultural Society (1997)

AM 1973 (Crown Estate Commissioners, Windsor); flowers white, corolla lobes tipped red-purple, with darker spots in throat. AGM 1993

RHS Hardiness Rating: H5

Leaves linear, less than {1/4} in. wide. Described from a plant only 2 ft high found by Forrest on the Kari La, Mekong-Yangtse divide, at 14,000 ft. It is not a very distinct variety, since taller forms may have very narrow leaves also (see above) and comparatively dwarf forms may have leaves of the normal width. Award of Merit May 1, 1973, when exhibited by the Crown Estate Commissioners, Windsor Great Park.


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