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R inaequale (C. B. CI.) Hutch.

R. formosum var. inaequale C. B. CI

Near to R. veitchianum, but the leaves are narrowly elliptic, oblong-elliptic, or oblanceolate-elliptic, mostly less than 1{1/2} in. wide, the calyx is downy, the corolla has a large yellow or chartreuse blotch on the inside, and the fruit is obliquely ellipsoid to obliquely oblong-ovoid, not cylindric as in R. veitchianum. Bot. Mag., n.s.,t. 295. Native of Assam, discovered by Griffith in 1837 on the Kollong Rock in the Khasi Hills and described from fruiting specimens collected by Hooker and Thomson in the same locality thirteen years later. The flowers were not known until Kingdon Ward introduced the species from Mt Japvo in the Naga Hills in 1927 (KW 7717). It is also in cultivation from seeds collected by Cox and Hutchison in the Khasi Hills in 1965. It is tender, but perhaps hardier than R. veitchianum.


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