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R taronense Hutch

This imperfectly known species was described from a specimen collected by Kingdon Ward in November 1922 in the valley of the Taron (Kiuchiang), on the borders between Yunnan and north-east Burma. The flowers were not fully expanded, which may explain the shortness of the corolla-tube in the dried specimen (only {3/4} in. long). Whether this species is in cultivation it is impossible to say. The plant at Exbury, which received a First Class Certificate when shown as R. taronense in 1935, is also figured in Bot. Mag., n.s., t. 1, and was raised from Forrest’s 27687. The field-specimen under this number has been identified as R. taronense, but the Exbury plant really agrees much better with R. notatum Hutch., described from Kingdon Ward specimens collected in the Seinghku valley and Nam Tamai valley in N.W. upper Burma. However, the two species – R. taronense and R. notatum – are doubtfully distinct, and both are included in R. veitchianum by Sleumer.


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