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Article from Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles

Other species in genus


Lacking hairs smooth. glabrescent Becoming hairless.
Plant originating from the cross-fertilisation of genetically distinct individuals (e.g. two species or two subspecies).
Egg-shaped; broadest towards the stem.
Odd-pinnate; (of a compound leaf) with a central rachis and an uneven number of leaflets due to the presence of a terminal leaflet. (Cf. paripinnate.)


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Article from Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles

A small tree; winter-buds at first coated with silvery hairs, soon glabrous. Leaves dark green, glossy, downy at first beneath, recalling those of Sorbus × thuringiaca in shape, being narrowly oblong-ovate, 4 to 5 in. long, deeply pinnately lobed in the lower part or with up to three pairs of free leaflets, the lobes and leaflets toothed. Flowers and fruits not seen.

This hybrid was raised at the Kornik Arboretum, Poland, in 1934 from seeds of Amelanchier asiatica received from Sweden, the other parent being obviously some pinnate-leaved species of Sorbus. Although named earlier, it was not validly described until 1958 (Yearbook No. 3 of the Kornik Arboretum, pp. 78-80). It is distributed commercially, but has no discernible merit. The original plant had not flowered by 1958.


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